Cocktail Masterclasses

Trader's Tiki Bar is the perfect venue for your celebration. We can tailor masterclass events for you and your guests or reserve a table for you to all sit down, relax and enjoy perfect cocktails.


Our cocktail making parties or cocktail materclasses as we like to call them, work as a fantastic event for your team building event, party or celebration. The cocktail making lessons are very simple and a whole barrel of fun. Our charming bar tenders will talk you through how to make cocktails from our menu and you will all get the opportunity to make (and most importantly, drink) the cocktails. The class offers a fun & interactive session including welcome drinks, cocktails, games and challenges.


You will experience the history, tools & skills of mixology whilst getting behind the bar to shake, muddle, strain & stir your way through a range of classic cocktails.


You and your guests will be greeted on arrival and shown to the bar where you will be welcomed with a glass of Prosecco and a run through of how the session will work. Each member of the group is given a name (using nicknames, joke names or real names, dependant on the group) and a toast is made to the host.


After a quick demonstration by the bartender, every guest gets to go behind the bar and make their first classic cocktail. Each guest then gets a second invitation to go behind the bar and choose to make a second cocktail of their choice from the cocktail menu.

Before you leave, you will know how to make different types and styles of cocktails;


Have a look at our MENU.


Every session will include some games, fun and team activities like races, blindfold challenges, bar tricks etc. These are fantastic photo opportunities!


Before the session finishes each guest will be presented with a Certificate of Participation



Each guest will enjoy;


A glass of Prosecco on arrival

A shooter to toast the host

Background information on the history of cocktails, bar tools & products

Two cocktails to make & drink


Prices for our masterclasses are £30 per person based on a minimum of 5 guests and a maximum of 20.


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Alternatively, if you would like to talk to us, please call us on 0161 929 9403.


We look forward to meeting you...

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